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Complete tool for team and project management

Gipo is the only solution on the market that offers control of tasks, time, deadline, cost and receivables, in one place!

Task workspace

More organized workflows

Plan your team's workflow and track the progress of tasks. Produce more and better!

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Native Time Tracking

Record your team's hours and know the time invested in each project.

Track the working time of each team member according to their journey of hours.

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Real-time collaboration

Engaged teams

Allow your team to work collaboratively and remotely. Get a complete view of progress, from start to finish.

Project management

Satisfied customers

Ensure projects are completed on time and within the budget agreed with the client.

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Cost control

Avoid losses

Track costs in a simple and transparent way, and guarantee the profitability of projects.

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Billing from customers

Organized finances

Create billing records and achieve organized management of financial resources.

Gipo has brought a lot of ease to our daily lives. I can keep track of team tasks in real time and they know exactly what they need to do and when to deliver it.


Marcelo Soares


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