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We have powerful features to enhance your project management!

Ensure that your projects are completed on time and within the agreed budget with the client. Get a comprehensive view of overall progress and team productivity.

Time tracking

Automatically recorded work hours for the team to focus on what matters

Gipo will allow you to understand how much time the team actually takes to complete tasks, automatically and simply.

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Time Estimation

Be punctual. Estimate hours and deliver projects on time

Accurate estimation is crucial for project success. Record your time estimates for each task and help the team deliver projects on time.

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Labor Cost

Organize your workforce to better execute tasks and projects, profitably

Plan projects and organize your workforce to perform tasks and deliver results in the most economical way possible.

Time Tracking

How does your team spend time at work?

Take advantage of time tracking and build daily, weekly, or monthly reports to check the team's productivity over time.

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Check out these additional time management features

Manual Time Entry

OK, you need to perform some steps before moving or completing a task. In this case, use the checklist in the "Task Activities" field to record them and ensure they are completed.

Time Tracking Report

Summary of time invested presented quickly and visually.


There are many tasks to be done, so assign responsibilities to them and collaborate in Gipo.

Unlimited Attachments

You can easily save task files in Gipo and access them from any device. We will keep them safe and secure in a dedicated storage space!

Time Entry Description

You can optionally or automatically request that your team members provide detailed feedback on what they accomplished during each period of time they spent on task execution.

Work Schedule

If you manage teams with different work schedules and want to know when your team members are working so you can stay in touch, the tool tells you what their work hours are.


You can check how much time someone can still contribute or spend on working on other projects per week or per day according to their workload.

Task time tracking history

Through this record, you can see at a glance by user who worked on the task and what periods of time have been dedicated to it so far.

Gipo has brought a lot of ease to our day-to-day. I can track team tasks in real time, and they know exactly what they need to do and when to deliver.


Marcelo Soares