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Task Workspaces

Work with your entire team on multiple tasks in a single workspace.

Kanban board

Kanban is a simple way to visualize work, limit work in progress, and maximize efficiency. Ideal for managing tasks that have phases or stages to be completed.


Workspace panel

The dashboard is a visualization mode designed to make it much easier to discover what's happening in workspaces, make smart data-driven decisions, and detect errors early.



Listing mode is a comprehensive list of all tasks to be completed, segmented into blocks. Ideal for managing specific activities that do not depend on phases or stages to be completed.



Calendar view gives teams a quick overview of their goals for the month. Ideal for managing deliveries or tasks with defined deadlines.


Our features can help you!

Time spent on task

Simple time tracking like "drag and drop"

Time is too precious to waste. Controlling it in the daily tasks of a team tends to increase productivity overall and provides greater managerial insight into project progress.

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Modelo de tarefa
Task templates

Smart and agile way to create recurring tasks

Define a set of predefined information that applies to a variety of tasks and use them whenever you need to create the same activity for a project.

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Custom fields

All the data you need to do your job.

Custom fields allow you to add more data to tasks and more details about your project or client.

Task approval

Tasks with higher chances of successful delivery!

Assign an approver to tasks and ensure they meet delivery criteria before reaching the client officially.

Security and focus

Each person views and interacts only with tasks they have access permission to

It's important to keep your work secure and private. Grant access permission only to those involved in the project. No distractions with unnecessary information at the moment. Focus your team by limiting the visibility of information in the workspace.

Comprehensive filters

Smaller, more focused, and more relevant information to what interests you

Simply filter tasks based on your preferences to get a delimited view of relevant tasks according to the chosen criteria.

Here are some other interesting features

Task activities

OK, you need to perform some steps before moving or completing a task. In this case, use the checklist in the "Task activities" field to record them and track if they have been completed.

Task prioritization

We let you prioritize and organize tasks based on urgency. With Gipo, your team always knows what to do first.


There are many tasks to be done, so assign assignees to them and work collaboratively on Gipo.

Unlimited attachments

You can easily save task files in Gipo and access them on any device. We'll keep them safe and secure in a dedicated storage space!

Team collaboration

Imagine working on a task and getting suggestions, questions, and immediate answers from your colleagues relevant to it? In Gipo, that's possible!

Identification tags

Keep your tasks organized. Set tags on each task and then quickly filter them by tag to manage them.

Lead time

A good tool allows you to see the period a task has spent in each stage of the workflow and if it was completed in a timely manner. Gipo offers you this feature through Lead time.

Work in progress (WIP)

If you want to practice Kanban, use Gipo. In each production stage, you determine, based on what works for your workflow, the limit of tasks the team can execute before including new activities.

Log record

Looking for more details about what happened during the task? Check the log notes in the "log" field of the task.

Markdown Editor

Have the freedom of editing with Markdown. Edit as if you were coding.

Task costs

Understand exactly the planned and actual cost of each task and avoid surprises.

Project management resources

Check out the other task components that can be used to control time, deadlines, costs, and billing for your projects.


Expense tracking

Include expenses to complete the task and then use this information for project cost analysis and management.

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Work Time Tracking

Track time to understand the amount of hours spent per task. This information is integrated into the task's project.

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Labor Costs and Expenses

Find out how much of the budget the task has consumed and if the amount is in line with the plan.

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Client Billing

Analyze the task's revenue when it is linked to projects charged per hour worked or estimated time, and see if the earnings are within the expected range.


Estimated Time vs Actual Time

Track how many hours have been invested in task execution so far and compare it with the estimated time.

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Task Types

Specify which tasks will have their cost incorporated into the project value and which will generate additional charges to the client.

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