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Keep your budget balanced, avoid losses, and grow sustainably

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Planned and Actual Costs

Keep an eye on your overall costs and manage them to stay within your budget

Gipo provides online resources to manage project's overall costs in a simple and transparent way.

Labor Cost per User

The value of our time is always an important consideration

Automatically obtain the labor cost per user from each team member's hourly rate and the hours logged in the tasks of the projects they are involved in.

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Internal Expense Reporting

Spent money to complete a task? Add this expense in Gipo to keep track of your spending or add an additional charge

Use Gipo to keep track of your expenses or post an additional cost whenever necessary. Specify whether it will be included in the project budget or added as an extra charge on the client's invoice

Project Budget

Tracking project budgets is one of the steps to make it successful

We have a simple and effective feature that helps you manage your budget. Easy to use, it gives you an instant overview of the project's finances.

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