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Gestão de projetos

What types of projects does your company work on?

Projects for your clients

Projects on time + reduced costs + engaged team = everyone happy

We know how difficult it is to manage projects so that they end the way they are. that we want.

At these times it is good to have a solution that helps with the bureaucratic part so that you can dedicate yourself to what you do best:
dealing with people

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Projetos para clientes
Internal projects

Conduct the company's internal projects like no one else

Within a company there are many areas that can be developed and optimized.

Regardless of what the project is, a good organization will not only bring good results, but will also drastically reduce costs.

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Make project management easier with our resources

We have several features to manage your projects efficiently and simply. Check out:

Task Types

Customize the way project tasks are identified

Gipo makes project time tracking, task management, and invoicing easy to do and simple to adapt to the way you work.

Understand better
Billing model

Choose how you will charge the customer and let Gipo do all the remaining calculation

With Gipo, you can choose how you want to charge your client: for time worked, estimated hours or for a fixed amount

Budget control

Define the balance of hours or amounts for the project and track how you spent them and what remains, in real time

Managing budgets on your own can be difficult. Gipo allows you and your team to have transparent access to budgets and project progress.

Allocation of people

Schedule the right people to the right positions according to each project

We help you optimize the management of your workforce and create dynamic teams to work on your projects.

Project Manager

Elect who will be in control of monitoring and leading the project

Define one or more users per project to act by coordinating, mediating, facilitating and ensuring the delivery and profitability of the project.

Permission rules

Ensure data security and prevent unauthorized internal access

Restrict data access to only those who directly participate in the project and prevent unauthorized insider access or data loss by malicious users.

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What our customers say

"Gipo has brought a lot of ease to our daily routine. I can track team tasks in real time, and they know exactly what they need to do and when to deliver."

Marcelo Soares
Marcelo Soares


"Humana Alimentar cares deeply about the quality of its products, which is why it sought Gipo for a solution to track internal processes. We now have clarity about task progress and management oversight."


Humana Alimentar

"Our daily task management improved significantly after adopting Gipo. It became easier to visualize the next steps in our internal processes and who is responsible for them."

Evaldo Silva

Sementes Soesp