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Controlling time and costs doesn’t have to be complicated

We believe that task and project management should be uncomplicated. That's why Gipo helps with time tracking, deadlines, costs, and invoicing.

Leave spreadsheets behind

Gipo centralizes the resources needed for intelligent team management

Optimize project management in your company, automate processes, and increase productivity for everyone.


Humana Alimentar cares deeply about the quality of its products, which is why it sought a solution in Gipo for internal process monitoring. We now have clarity on task progress and manager oversight.

Humana Alimentar


Humana Alimentar

With Gipo, your company...

Prevents delays

Track the delivery deadline of each task and help ensure that your team completes it on time.

Increases delivery volume

Well-managed tasks can increase delivery volume. With Gipo, you boost productivity in a simple and efficient way, without overloading the team.

Reduces rework

Visualize in real time and receive alerts for deviations and bottlenecks. This leads to higher quality and reduces the amount of reworked tasks.

Process balance

Understand which projects receive more attention and workload and distribute tasks evenly.

Improves communication

Keep the client updated and generate a PDF report on the project's progress up to the current moment.

Reduces resource waste

Manage work to identify and eliminate activities or practices that generate waste.

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